St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital, Patient Rooms Renovation

Category: Interior Design


Patients at St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital (SJWH) are now recovering in beautifully upgraded patient rooms thanks to a multi-million dollar capital renovation and expansion effort occurring throughout St. Joseph’s Healthcare System.

SJWH’s “patient-first” approach makes patient comfort and care our main priority. Recent studies indicate that the environment of our patients is an important factor in their recovery process.

With this in mind, the renovations were designed to create a serene atmosphere in which patients can focus on their recuperation.

All 26 rooms on the fifth floor have been refurnished with new beds, flat-screen televisions, over-bed tables, side tables and window treatments. A color palate of earth tones and wood accents were carefully chosen to bring nature to the patients, which has been shown to produce a positive and calming effect, including lower blood pressure, lower anxiety and a reduced need for pain medication.

Other areas on the fifth floor also receiving a facelift are the multipurpose room for families, nurses’ station and nurses’ lounge.