Parkland Oncology and Hematology Clinic Renovation

Category: Interior Design


The Oncology Clinic for Parkland Hospital provided a unique opportunity to address workflow for both “clinic” and “chemo” patients while also providing two distinct patient areas with shared ancillary support areas, maximizing views from existing windows to a courtyard, and providing patient privacy for all patients.

The overall design of the entire second floor of the Outpatient Building, approximately 19,400 square feet, accommodates the following key spaces:  InfusionBays, Procedure Rooms, Exam Rooms, Pharmacy, Conference Room, Lab, Triage Rooms, and Waiting areas.

The process for designing the layout of the Chemo bays involved evaluation by the design team, oncology team, and facilities development for nurse work area and flow, patient privacy and comfort. Given a single exterior wall with existing windows facing a courtyard, the planning process utilized an angular organization of cubicles to allow the majority of cubicles to have an outdoor garden view.

The American Cancer Society Storefront is prominently located off of the Waiting Room and has space for storefront display and counseling areas. This expansion should meet the next seven to 10 years of growth.