Medical Center of South Arkansas – Womens Center Expansion

Category: Architecture, Hospital, Women & Children's Hospital


The Women’s Center is designed as a family-centered addition to the Medical Center of South Arkansas campus and is dedicated to providing care for Women and the children that are born in South Arkansas.  The expansion occurred on the North side of the Campus and connects to the existing Hospital facility on the First Floor.

As you enter through the dedicated maternity entrance on the Ground Floor of the Women’s Center, you are greeted by a reception counter and waiting room illuminated with natural light from the curtain wall system.  From the entry, expectant Mothers can travel to the First Floor via a dedicated elevator to one of the five Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms.  After delivery, once Mother and newborn are recovered, they return to one of the fourteen (14) Postpartum Beds on the Ground Floor.  The Postpartum Rooms are designed with accommodating furnishings, warm finishes and spacious windows.  To aid new moms in recovery and allow much needed rest a Twelve (12) station Well Baby Nursery unit is provide in the center of the unit and at all times, babies are monitored by a state of the art infant security system.

The First Floor on the Women’s Center accommodates Five (5) LDR’s each designed with comfortable furnishings for Mom and partner and Two (2) Antepartum Rooms if need for additional care for Moms.  Along with the LDRs on the Second floor is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) designed with 4 open bassinet stations, 4 private / isolation rooms and a 4 bed Continuing Care Nursery, all located around a central nurse station and focused on providing care to meet special medical needs of critically ill newborns. The unit is designed with large windows that allow natural light or depending on the newborn needs can be blacked out.  Also provided to assist families with newborns in the NICU are Two (2) parent sleep rooms which allow the family to stay at the Hospital.

There are two new corridor connections to the existing Hospital. One corridor provides access for public and support services from the main campus.  The other corridor connection is a dedicated entrance to Surgery on the Second Floor which will provide necessary support for cesarean sections.

The Women’s Center addition to the Medical Center of Arkansas continues the tradition of providing a exceptional birth experiences for Mom, newborn and family.