JPS Community Health Center Polytechnic – New Clinic

Category: Architecture, Clinic


The JPS Health Center Polytechnic Clinic is a new addition to the JPS Health Network, a network of community-based health centers in Tarrant County, Texas.  The 12,750 square foot facility is a freestanding clinic building and physician’s office.  Located in the historic Polytechnic neighborhood of Fort Worth, the facility takes its architectural clues from the surrounding area.  Low sloping roofs are combined with deep overhangs and large windows complimenting the historical residential structures in the area.  In an interesting and appropriate juxtaposition, more modernistic elements relating to the Art Deco history of Fort Worth are expressed as well.

Thirteen exam rooms and two specialty rooms are surround a centralized nurses station with integrated physician’s charting and dictation.  They are supported by a general assessment room and eyes and weight room, medical records, a large classroom and point of care testing lab.