Globe Life Park in Arlington – Home Plate Club

Category: Interior Design


The existing concessions stands located on the main concourse behind home plate have been renovated to display cooking areas, similar to what was done in Vandergriff Plaza in center field last winter. The existing entrance to what is now the Capital One Club and the seating area in Section 126 was removed, giving fans entering the ballpark through the home-plate gate a wide-open view of the playing field. The removal of the Section 126 seating was the bulk of the reason the overall seating capacity dropped.

Also added to the space at the Home Plate entrance is a new retail store. A new Rangers merchandise store is located in the space where the west box office existed. The first-base box office is now the ballparkā€™s primary box office.

New free-standing concessions stands have also been added to the south end of the new retail store and along the outer wall of the main concourse on the third-base side. These locations will feature state-of-the-art cooking equipment and additional points of sale, which should ease congestion along the main concourse on the first and third base sides.