Think: 02.12.2020

12 Feb 2020, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Healthcare

Welcome to another dose of THINK – a roundup of what we think you need to know about SBL Architecture.

Why Healthcare?

At SBL Architecture, we approach each project with a passion to provide a beautiful design that fits within its context and is responsive to our client’s goals and objectives.  We know that designing for healthcare is purpose-driven and code-driven, and we are dedicated to the critical role that we play in designing these specific spaces, buildings, and offices.

25 years ago, we decided on a clear path: to be a healthcare design partner with our clients, and since then we have completed a few non-healthcare projects here and there, but a majority, over 95%, of our design work has been with hospitals, physicians and medical campuses.

Finding the Story.

We fundamentally believe that our clients are a critical part of our design process.  Whether the project is a clinic or a hospital, is 300 or 300,000 square feet, has a tight budget or a generous one, or is led by an individual or a group, your vision is key to the success of the project.  We don’t take your role lightly.  We listen.  The term gets thrown around a lot, and we love it.  When you are surrounded by physicians, nurses, and those that operate hospitals – well, let’s just say, interesting stories are everywhere you look.  Those stories shape what users truly want out of a project.

Keeping Our Promise.

We are proud of our track record of completing projects on time and within budget.  We understand that predicting and controlling costs is critical to project success, and we always hope to exceed our client’s expectations.  We take the stewardship of our client’s resources very seriously and work diligently to ensure the imperatives of time, budget and schedule are met.

What makes SBL the right team?

We believe a project’s success is all about picking the right team from the very start.  Our designs are not the ones we pick off the shelf; they’re authentic and unique to each client’s wants and needs.  They are inspired by the spaces around them and the client.  And, perhaps best of all, the design and functionality of the healthcare spaces designed by SBL are the ones that have a lasting quality about them

Is that attributable to our talent?


Our experience?


A more rigorous planning and design process?  Better listening?

The answer is always yes.

Think. Choose. SBL Architecture.