SBL Architecture’s Office Re-entry Plan

04 Dec 2020, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Life

It feels great to be in the office…. but different.

Once our local officials deemed it safe to do so, we made modifications to the office per COVID-19 protocols in order to welcome back our first small group of staff back into our office.

Prior to their arrival, the office was adapted to include wayfinding and safety signage throughout the office, readily available sanitization stations with cleaning products, gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks, the rearrangement of desks and meeting room seating to ensure social distancing including installing partitions in what had been before open office spaces.

Ample significance was also placed on designating one-way circulation throughout the office and corridors in order to minimize cross-traffic and keep social distancing.  With all these changes some may worry “will I walk in the wrong direction and bump into someone?” “will I know which door to use?” “will others follow the new social norms” – our answer – yes, all of this will happen.  Everyone is adjusting.  Change is not automatic, and we understand the need for repetition to form and take root.

The staff members who came back to the office in the first wave volunteered to do so basing their decision on a variety of reasons – some enjoy a clear start and end to their day, some feel more productive without the distractions of home and family, and for others, it was for better connection speeds offered at the office or to rejoin with their ergonomic office chair.

Many have remarked that the office still feels a little… quiet, but as more staff trickle into the office the comforting sounds of music, zoom chatter, and ringing phones bring a little reassurance that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will make it through this.

Our re-entry plan still allows for staff to choose to continue working from home, and we are being flexible with staff in creating a schedule that works for them as some are still dealing with school closures, lack of childcare, health concerns, etc.

As we continue working toward our new normal, we would like to say – it’s great to be back and we feel very proud to be able to offer a physically safe environment for those who choose to return to the office on a regular basis.  SBL Architecture is fully operational, and no matter what, continues to provide exceptional and uninterrupted service to our clients and our community.