Mission Arlington Community Service Night

20 Nov 2015, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Uncategorized

Tuesday night, a group of our staff met at Mission Arlington to help with their prep for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. However, as it turned out the need was really with getting ready for Christmas, so they put us to work on that! We went about 2 blocks down the street to a location where Mission Arlington holds their annual Christmas Store.

In 1989 the Christmas Store started organically through the founder Tillie Burgin’s actual office at Mission Arlington until an off-site location was donated to the non-profit by the City.

“The store started just like every other ministry: a person had a need. In previous years, the requests for assistance through Mission Arlington increased significantly in January of ever year. Families were taking rent and utility money and trying to provide ‘Christmas’ for their Children…[through the help of the Mission] families are encouraged to pay their rent, pay their utilities and let Mission Arlington help with the extras like toys, trees and turkeys.”

Essentially we were work horses on Tuesday night bringing heavy, full boxes of toys from the basement up to the second floor of the building in preparation for their Wednesday team to sort the items by age and place them their proper location within the store. In order to get this task completed in a timely and orderly fashion we had half our team carrying (or rather pushing) boxes down a crooked hallway to a giant elevator where another part of the team would be waiting to load those boxes on the elevator and take them up to where they needed to be.

Once that task was completed we headed back to the main Mission Arlington building, and completed a small task of sorting food items for their pantry and Thanksgiving.

This event once again provided our community service program with a fantastic opportunity to support an important cause in our community. It was a great experience, and one that will definitely happen again to keep our SBL community service initiative going.