Mission Arlington Community Service Night

31 Mar 2017, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Uncategorized

SBL served at Mission Arlington last night and had the pleasure of meeting and praying with Ms. Tillie! Executive Director Tillie Burgin and Mission Arlington has made a huge difference for three decades, helping dreams come true for families in need across The American Dream City.

Tillie set us up with the task of helping ready the Mission for the “world’s largest” egg hunt. The egg hunt brings in over 4,000 kids and requires more than 80,000 plastic candy-filled eggs to give to those kids. Our team of volunteers made a good dent in their need, every little bit counts when it comes to filling eggs with candy.

A few of us also helped the Mission get ready to host an Easter store. The store is very similar to the Christmas store we have previously worked on, but on a smaller scale. Parents can come to the store to help fill baskets with toys (ex. playing cards, stuffed animals, race cars, superhero wallets, etc.) or come for decorations (ex. Easter figurines, party d├ęcor, candles, etc.) – our task was sorting these items into different categories to be used throughout their Easter store.

In total, we completed our sorting task and filled 9 boxes with plastic candy-filled eggs.

So here’s to a great Easter event for Mission Arlington – we will be back to serve beside them again!

Once again Mission Arlington didn’t disappoint, and they provided us with a task that provided our community service program with a fantastic opportunity to support an important cause in our community.