HDR and SBL Architecture enjoys success with joint donation drive

02 Aug 2019, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Uncategorized

Arlington — Two heads are better than one and, in this particular case, two companies are better than one–especially when they combine resources and share expertise in order to benefit the community, and, hopefully, improve healthcare in Tarrant County.

The team of HDR and SBL Architecture is proud to support the JPS Foundation again this year by hosting a donation drive, promoting camaraderie, team building, and encouraging individuals to be more involved in their community.

Last year, Joel Hunt, Director of JPS’ Care Connections Outreach team, issued a community challenge to try to “give too much” sunscreen and insect repellant.  JPS Care Connections provides healthcare on the streets of Fort Worth and provides a bridge between homeless individuals and JPS, connecting them with preventative care and reducing inappropriate use of the emergency room.  Care Connections distributes the donated items to homeless individuals in the community.  As a team, we came together to accept Hunt’s challenge.  We donated over a hundred bottles each of sunscreen and insect repellant.

This year, without the direct challenge from Hunt, we dared our teams to collect more, donate more, and spread the word.  This year was particularly successful, collecting 194 bottles of sunscreen, 78 cans of insect repellent, and 30 boxes of insect repellent towelettes, totaling over 300 items.

Like JPS Health Network, the HDR and SBL Architecture team believes that it is our professional mission to help people.  JPS does it by providing quality healthcare.  We are design professionals who create the buildings where healing takes place.  These principles rest on a commitment to the larger community and a personal touch.

To HDR and SBL, supporting JPS Health Network as a partner demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility and allows us to play a vital role in strengthening the community in which we live, work, play and heal.


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