Holiday Party Welcomed Friends and Families to End All Parties

16 Dec 2005, Posted by AdminCM in Events

SBL’s Annual Holiday Party brought a glimpse of classy-chic to Texas on December 16. Since Texans are traditionally known for hosting big events, the firm threw the party of the year to end all parties making it the largest and most successfully Annual Holiday Party in the firm’s history. As SBL welcomed friends and families to the event, there was no question that 2005 set the precedence for milestones and celebrations for SBL. The Crown Royal Room inside AMERIQUEST FIELD in Arlington venue played backdrop to the splendid event. The evening began with a social hour, allowing staff and invited guests to meet and greet. Dinner later followed and featured an abundance of food and spirits, much laughter and a beautiful view of the Ballpark outside and fashionable guests inside. The holiday cheer continued and was shared by everyone as Jim Little and Mike Barnett shared the story of founding Sterling Barnett Little, Inc. The two soon stole the show as they welcomed friends and family to see a behind the scenes view of the fruits of their loved one’s labor (finish products) through their dedicated hours to the firm with a superbly PowerPoint presentation reflecting SBL’s past accomplishments and a “Look Into The Future.”