Goodbye Ruben. Adiós Roo-ben.

10 Jun 2019, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Uncategorized

by Jaime Pacilio-Pumphrey

I cheered him, and I teased him. I worked with him and played.
I laughed with him and cried. We partied then we prayed.

A man with many hats to wear: patriarch, associate, and friend.
A man whose laughter never quit even after breaths did end.

I met him at the office, the same place where I remember him.
He would be your best of friends if only you would let him.

Born Ruben, long for hey, yet another name was Roo-ben.
But the names Daddy, Brother and Papa would make him grin.

A man, a myth, a dear, dear friend whose smile will never leave.
Yet a man who brings a million tears to many still who grieve.

From a long drive from Lubbock to a home in Arlington.
From calzones at New York pizza to a good old Frosty run.

From mid-morning burritos to selling soda for a quarter – not a dime
From gentle teasing for walks down the hall, saying “not on company time”

From Pudge on up to 2010/2011 and that crazy world series scene.
From Rees then to SBL and all the engineers in between.

From a huge project in El Paso to the current smaller ones, let’s pause.
From building blocks of cans to a supporter of any cause.

From his outlook on the future to his theories on the past.
From his grammar check request to his ink that wouldn’t last.

From advice on boys to babies, to telling me when to bend.
From the start on through the middle, and right up to the end.

Ten thousand memories we shared, some sad but mostly bliss.
The memories we’ll never have are the ones I will most miss.

Goodbye Ruben. Adiós Roo-ben. And thank you so very much
For the smiles, you’ll always give us, and the lives you’ll always touch.