Wilson N. Jones Medical Center, Master Plan

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At Wilson N. Jones Medical Center, we completed a Facility Master Plan involving two campuses for Wilson Jones Regional Health Systems: (1) 5 story, 250 bed Acute Care Hospital and (2) a single story, 80 – 100 bed hospital for Rehab and Transitional Care patients.

At the main campus, the original hospital facility was built in 1928 as a 4 story building.  Expansion projects occurred in 1955, 1959, 1960’s, 1978, 1986, 1995, and 1996.   In 2004, the hospital encompassed approximately 300,000 square feet.   The master plan included the addition of a new Medical Office Building, a parking garage, and review of expansion needs within the hospital.   Every department within the hospital was addressed in the master plan process and phase one projects likely involve additional beds in a new CVICU / SICU, Neuro / Ortho Nursing Unit, and Med-Surg Unit in addition to expansion / renovation of the Emergency Department and Cath Lab.

At the North Campus, we studied a single story, structural steel frame building constructed in 1976 enclosing approximately 115,000 square feet which consisted of three primary patient care units.   This freestanding hospital was converted from a general acute care facility to a Rehabilitation and Transitional Care facility as a result of the master planning efforts.

Resulting Phase One projects involve approximately 150,400 square feet of renovation and 12,900 square feet of expansion for a total of approximately 163,300 square feet at both campuses.