The Hunt is On

11 Apr 2019, Posted by Jaime Pacilio in Events

Distinguishing itself from all the rest, Mission Arlington hosts the “World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt” for low-income children in Arlington, Texas. Over 100,000 eggs and candy are needed – that’s where SBL Architecture’s employee volunteers stepped up.

The SBL employee volunteer turnout year after year has been inspiring, but last night, that was a chart-topping night. We had nine staff members, three spouses, and six children, totally a team of 18 prepared to fill as many plastic eggs as they could in preparation for Mission Arlington’s annual Easter egg hunt.

This task and the room set-up added an element of competitiveness to our volunteer night, which enabled the team to fill approximately 6,000 eggs in a two-hour time frame.

It should also be noted that many who participated in-person, as well as those who could not make the event, donated supplies to Mission Arlington. The team of volunteers arrived with bags of plastic eggs, candy, non-candy egg fillers, and a few rolls of tape.

It was a night where we could give back to our community while also building teamwork all at the same time. SBL Architecture is always ready for some friendly competition for a good cause.